Sunday, September 27, 2009


...and so it begins.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Today i sat through five hours of info sessions about the courtauld. It seems as though i only have two classes. Mondays at 2pm and wednesdays at 10 30am. It also seems as though i'll be living in the library. But only until 5pm cause that's when they all seem to close. I think two classes will take up a deceivingly large amount of time. Correct me if i'm wrong?

P.S. d, all the walls except the spiral staircase ones pictured above are
light seafoam green. It followed me across the ocean.

Werewolf Cupcakes

Now this, I need. ASAP.

Echo, if you were here, you'd make these for me, right? With this recipe...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get home after work.

Drop bag.

Kick off shoes.

Change. Tie up hair. Take off bracelets.

Walk to kitchen. Open fridge. Find nothing. Close fridge.

Check email.

Check blogs.

Close eyes and sit in front of fan for ten seconds without thinking.

Return to kitchen. 'Make' a bowl of cereal.

Read Times, piece previewing this Fall's movie releases. Plan the next three months.

Take a moment.

Continue writing what you've been working on.

Get frustrated.

Watch an episode of the West Wing.

Continue writing.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Echo was in charge of the Pandora at the office. She's no longer at the office. Didn't realize we were listening to so much sad indie music. Imagine a bunch of brokenhearted dudes standing behind me with their guitars singing about girls with names like emma and josephine, singing about the Great Lakes or the color yellow, or the coffee stains on their coffee tables. I feel like country music is the new street cred. Imagine a bunch of indie dudes singing at the office, closing their eyes and really getting into it, you know, like maybe a couple of knee slaps along the way...and then....lil wayne jumps in, and shakes his dreads and shows us a big giant smile and throws his hands up in the air and high fives johnny cash and asks beirut to collaborate.

Monday, September 21, 2009

...different countries really.

Dear D-

This is going to be a letter that debunks all of your theories of what i was doing. Instead of setting up my room i actually just stacked two big duffles full of my life in a little hotel room in Maida Vale, unpacking nothing, getting confused by the uk outlets. I move into my apartment on saturday. I have yet to take the tube, which means i have yet to get an oyster card, because everywhere we went today we walked to in the perfect 60 degree breezy weather. Also, i have to enroll at school before i can get the oyster anyway. There has been no cadbury, actually, there has been no sweets at all. Not even wine gums. Instead upon arrival at j's i was served tea and toast, followed by a massive spread of lebanese food j and i got on a whim because it was across from where we were picking up two packs of diapers. I am starving and too zombie like to move out of bed because i didn't sleep on the plane (oops), but perhaps there will be a pub in my future tomorrow, maybe not though, i do have a year to go to them.

All of this said, you were right about the phone, it's tiny and it's pink, and it is about as low tech as you get, and i love it. Hip hip hooray.


...and now we are on different coasts.

dear e,

oh HEY! across the atlantic!
this is what i imagine you already doing: setting up your room, your phone, your oyster card, maybe you've already indulged in something cadbury.
my first day in england happened and ended in a pub. and i think you should do the same. a pint'll put you nicely to bed, lade.
tait might have gotten into a bar fight last night.
rach and i had a 48 hour hangover.
and our neighbors planted flowers outside our apartment for the fall.
everyone's doing their thang. can't wait to hear about the place you buy some strange spread for toast in the mornings.

i only started liking marmalade when i started drinking wine,
my mama used to read peter rabbit to my brother and i,
maybe you'll start saying vitamin the way i do: vi-TA-minnnnnnn.

and remember, they put red dye in pgtips. and remember, subways don't run all night.



Friday, September 18, 2009

London Calling.

There are many many things i can't wait to do in London, but pretty high up there is going to Liberty. Something about browsing in a store with big old wooden staircases really does it for me, not to mention i'm in love with all of their prints.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


The brief "post-college" life is about to end for me in seven days. Seven days and i'll be embarking on the journey across the atlantic, starting school all over again. Although, instead of four years to learn from professors, this time i'll only have nine hectic months. Once again i'll have to learn the ins and outs of where class rooms are, and exactly how long it will take me to get from my apartment to class, and what kinds of notebooks will suit my fiendish note-taking needs. This time instead of under grad it's for a masters, and that is still completely hard for me to get a hold of. I have a stack of books that need reading before my class starts, a suitcase that needs packing, and over seas cell phone and oyster cards that need buying. Onward onto the next adventure!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pretty Pretty.