Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Girls & Food & Wine & Sweets.

Once in a while you just need those kinds of nights that are parodied in movies and books. The kind where it's all girls and you cook ornate food and sip on wine out of jars and make everything look pretty. And your friends bring the hostess flowers, because that's what is right, and others supply the alcohol, and before you know it everyone is rosy cheeked and laughing over desserts eaten straight from the plastic containers with forks gone in seconds. At the end of the night you do the dishes and you straighten the chairs and all that remains are those empty cake boxes and the empty bottles and a feeling of calm and quiet because you've talked more than you have in a long time.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long Weekend in Prospect Park.

The sun came out, and so did the picnic blanket and children with painted faces and watermelon and cupcakes, happy birthday! The sun came out and so did red noses and water fountains and the smell of barbecue and the smell of sunscreen. The sun came out and so did front row seats because the summer is about front row seats. Two full days in Prospect Park is entirely satisfying, under our tree, half sun, half shade. Pass the oreos?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summertime Friday Afternoons.

Friday afternoons at the office have gone from working alone and not being able to focus, waiting, waiting, waiting, counting the seconds until i could leave and get out into the world again. Now five o'clock rolls around and Durga and I find ourselves still sitting here at six, seven, seven thirty. Today we went out for a late afternoon snack and sat under an umbrella in the sunshine. We went to the same place as yesterday, and now we know that our waiter's name is george, and we know that birds in the city have no fear, coming onto the table right between us, amongst the forks and knives and iced tea and iced coffee, taking tiny bird bites out of our pastries as we sat completely in awe unable to shoo them away. Then in the spirit of it being a little bit sunny, and the end of the week, we got limes and sol and sit at work enjoying time in the office. This place is starting to feel like home.

We Miss This

This was us, earlier this year.

Find us a sweatbox to dance in with all of our friends?


The Way You Make Me Feel

Thursday, June 25, 2009


time for lunch. for debriefing. for venting. for avocado. for half sun/half shade table. for ice tea and gazpacho. this picture makes it look like everything is about to slide off the table. eat fast!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Five Things We Get Excited About At Work.

1. Trying to find where to get the new Ben & Jerrys "Flipped" ice cream cups. Seriously Ben & Jerry's, don't plaster your ads for this dessert ALL OVER THE CITY and then be impossible to find. You are torturing us every time we can't find you in a bodega or the grocery store. 

2. Lunch breaks at Gourmet Garage. I don't know why we keep going thinking we're going to get anything different from what we normally do. Green apple, red apple, trail mix, yogurt, salad, quinoa, yogurt covered raisins. 

3. Happy hour shopping. 

4. People watching out of the office windows, especially when there's puppies, the models and photoshoots bore us to hell.

5. Whenever the strokes come onto pandora unexpectedly. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

On Rotation/Shuffle

patterns post-college/life in the city:

1. always prepared to perhaps not sleep at home: phone charger, toothbrush, change of underwear, check check.

2. west wing marathons and subsequent return of high school crush: josh lyman.

3. losing umbrella, buying umbrella, breaking umbrella,

4. realizing based on friend's apartment, work, favorite cvs, favorite bodega, that in one day, i might walk the same block, three, four, sometimes five times

5. only listening to the "recently played" option on my ipod which results in a constant rotation of T.I., van morrison, (only astral weeks,) lauren hill, and a mash ups with dead prez.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Office Ramblings.

"It's smells like toast... isn't that the sign of a heart attack!?" -D

Rain & Sunshine.

One of us likes rainy days and grey skies and one of us likes hot sweaty sunshine. Looks like i won the battle with the weather gods this week. This New York summer is a strange one.

Hi, I'm a twenty-something girl in transformation

Found this in the Huff while at work this morning. Rain makes me wonder about what I'm doing with my life. There's a lot of rain outside.
Is part of graduating seeking self-help from an expert on generation Y? I'm okay with that for now. Because for now, I'm open to anything.


Remember when thursdays were all about Friends, and Seinfeld, and ER?
And then, thursdays got messy, and got thirsty, and we drank a lot on thursdays.
Well now I want my thursdays to be cozy and restful and to warm me up for the weeeeekend. And tomorrow is thursday and tomorrow it will rain a lot and all i'll want to do at work is listen to NPR and sit in my swively chair with my knees pushed against my chest as i type at my desk and watch the rain drip down the window like those cheap waterfalls you can buy at hardware stores.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is how i want to see the world. It's going on the list of goals.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All In A Days Work.

We sit after all the work is done eating hummus on crackers thinking about to do lists and what we will do after we leave and making coffee for the next day so it can be put in the fridge to make it iced and looking at the cutest puppy out of the office window barking it's head off at all of the dogs that walk by and we can go into the garden where it's become shady and kind of cold and listen to the birds chirp. This is the post-work post-college summer lifestyle. Run on sentences? I'm not in college anymore so who cares.

Oh Hey.

oh hey. from one friend's apartment to the other and their view has the skyline and theirs has a fire escape i wanna drink wine with you on and then we hop in a cab 'cause the rain falls hard and our umbrellas break all the time but you're no longer a kid so you can't cry about it.
oh hey. we gotta build furniture to put our college books in and everyone has a copy of that one book because that one book had that one line about falling in love. so we build bookshelves while we drink beer and drink beer while we sit on floors, because we'll never grow out of sitting on floors.
oh hey. we look for jobs and scroll for jobs and find a job that we tell our parents about because we need to make sure they know we're real life graduates, but our diploma is in the bathroom and we still eat after school snacks for dinner and breakfast at midnight because why not.
oh hey. we graduated and now we're here doing everything we thought we would and when we catch our reflections in store windows, we are kittens who've never seen a mirror before, who catch their reflection and want to say hi, instead of me?
oh hey. we buy cheap coffee because we've learned it's better and make eye contact with strangers because those are the stories we want to share with our friends when we drink wine on the fire escape.
oh hey. and sometimes it's really lonely.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Things Never Change, Pt. 2.

We wander through aisles of toys, looking for the perfect things to place in a silver holographic gift bag. A birthday comes and goes and could be that of a five year old, instead he's 23.