Monday, September 21, 2009

...and now we are on different coasts.

dear e,

oh HEY! across the atlantic!
this is what i imagine you already doing: setting up your room, your phone, your oyster card, maybe you've already indulged in something cadbury.
my first day in england happened and ended in a pub. and i think you should do the same. a pint'll put you nicely to bed, lade.
tait might have gotten into a bar fight last night.
rach and i had a 48 hour hangover.
and our neighbors planted flowers outside our apartment for the fall.
everyone's doing their thang. can't wait to hear about the place you buy some strange spread for toast in the mornings.

i only started liking marmalade when i started drinking wine,
my mama used to read peter rabbit to my brother and i,
maybe you'll start saying vitamin the way i do: vi-TA-minnnnnnn.

and remember, they put red dye in pgtips. and remember, subways don't run all night.



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