Monday, September 21, 2009

...different countries really.

Dear D-

This is going to be a letter that debunks all of your theories of what i was doing. Instead of setting up my room i actually just stacked two big duffles full of my life in a little hotel room in Maida Vale, unpacking nothing, getting confused by the uk outlets. I move into my apartment on saturday. I have yet to take the tube, which means i have yet to get an oyster card, because everywhere we went today we walked to in the perfect 60 degree breezy weather. Also, i have to enroll at school before i can get the oyster anyway. There has been no cadbury, actually, there has been no sweets at all. Not even wine gums. Instead upon arrival at j's i was served tea and toast, followed by a massive spread of lebanese food j and i got on a whim because it was across from where we were picking up two packs of diapers. I am starving and too zombie like to move out of bed because i didn't sleep on the plane (oops), but perhaps there will be a pub in my future tomorrow, maybe not though, i do have a year to go to them.

All of this said, you were right about the phone, it's tiny and it's pink, and it is about as low tech as you get, and i love it. Hip hip hooray.


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