Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inevitably It Would Happen...

A block away from work this morning i realized that it was probably a good idea to grab some milk because i'd discovered yesterday that we were running low (and this isn't acceptable in an office where all we drink is coffee with milk). So, i stopped at the corner bodega and purchased milk, but then also decided that maybe some kashi cereal was a good idea too, and then in a moment of weakness raspberry pop-tarts caught my eye, and i don't know if you know, but pop-tarts are something that i can't resist. I bet you're bored by now reading all of these seemingly trivial details of what i bought this morning. But wait! 

I walked into the office and put the pop-tarts and kashi on the counter, the milk in the fridge. A second later i get a text from D asking if i need anything from gourmet garage and i send a response saying to surprise me. Five minutes later in she walks and all i hear is an 'oh. my. god'. I walk into the kitchen as she unpacks what she's gotten at the grocery. Kashi. Pop-tarts (the 'surprise'). Milk. 

We both bought three items this morning. Those three items were exactly the same. I guess it was bound to happen.

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